Welcome to Master Study!

Datacurators.tech has only one objective – Help you learn how to be the Curator of your data and Understand it in better way !!

Being in the IT Industry for 18+ years and after working with Multiple Indian and MNC IT companies, the thing that standout in this field is “How well you understand your data”. Irrespective of the technology and tools that you are using, understanding the Data is the primary requirements and we see that while there are many ways available for the aspiring IT professionals to learn a tool very less means are there to which stress on “Understanding Data”.

Our focus in get your great learning experience which help you become a “Data Professional” not just a technology professional. We teach everything with the objective which covers not just the technical aspect of it but also share lots of “Data Stories” hidden behind that technology or tool. We make sure at the end of the course you not only know “How to use” a given tool or technology but also “Why to use” by sharing valuable Insights using “Data driven stories”.

We are sure that once you become a “Data Professional”, you will be a very confident and successful IT professional on any Technology or Tool that you will use over the period of time.